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A história da foto mais famosa de Pelé

This is the most famous picture of Pele,
and himself has said several times that this is your favorite photo,
including being your "business card" on Facebook and Twitter.

Then we will know the history of photographer who immortalized this photograph.

Failed the Flamengo goalkeeper became photographer who immortalized Pele bid
The year was 1950. And the young goalkeeper Alberto Ferreira, Botafogo of Paraíba, was preparing to take the road to Rio de Janeiro. At 18, he left everything behind in their homeland. The main mission was to test the Flemish and become professional goalkeeper of your favorite team. Alagoa Grande kid just did not know that fail in your project to be a football player and which later would become one of the largest sports photographers in the world, author of some of the photos that best summed up the king's genius Pele (both Santos and the Brazilian national team) and players like the Botafogo Garrincha.
Days after his arrival to the Marvelous City, Alberto Ferreira went to the Gávea just to attend a sieve in Flamengo, a club that early was passionate and central responsibility for its love for football. Nervous, took the field. And during testing took no less than three "chickens", immediately dropped the team. No money, accepted a suggestion of a cousin photographer in Sydney and began to be a photographer in Rio, beginning what would be a successful career.
 The above story is told by the son (Rio) Carlos Ferreira, six years after the death of his father, who died in 2007 at 75 years of age. In Singapore to launch the show "Beyond the Mountain" (see here photo gallery of the event), with the aim of spreading the photographic work of the father among his countrymen, Carlos told these and other stories. He explained to his father known in his homeland gives you a special pride.
- My father is very known in the world, classified by the European House of Photography in France, as one of the top ten photographers in the world in the 20th century It is also "relatively well-known" in Brazil, but few know that he was a passionate Paraiba for their land. This show aims to change this reality - Carlos explains, noting that while alive Alberto maintained the tradition of always visit at least twice a year, their land.
 After a quick passage by the Journal of the Week, Alberto Ferreira went to the Jornal do Brazil, where he made career and for over 25 years headed the newspaper's team of photographers. In all, covered six World Cups and three Olympic Games, keeps track of the season of Formula 1 1972, when Emerson Fittipaldi won his first world title in the category. He was also the only photographer in the world to record a sequence of photos the only "Olympic fall" of Nadia Comaneci, the Moscow Olympics in 1980.
But it was even with Pele Alberto Ferreira got his most famous photos. In the late 1950s, he began photographing king of games where the Saints would play at the Maracana. And those were not uncommon. In 1961, photographed the player testing the ball Chile World Cup (photo), which happen a year later, and at that time was a friend of Santos. In 1962, got his first big picture.
Pele was injured in the game against Czechoslovakia and left the loaded field by a police officer who was the safety of the stadium. It would be the last game of the idol in that world. And a year later Alberto Ferreira won the Esso Award for Photojournalism by recording the exact time of injury. The photo won a caption which records the tension of the moment: "The king bows to pain and the whole country felt".
Click Alberto Ferreira just when Pele gets hurt in the World Cup 1962 in Chile (Photo: Alberto Ferreira)
A few years later, in 1965, the greatest of times. The photo that became known as "the most important of Brazil's sports journalism" and that according to Ferreira was classified by Pele himself as the synthesis of his career. It is the exact moment of a bicycle Pelé in full Maracanã, which resulted in the Brazil goal against Belgium (This picture is even inspiring the show name).
The photo is so iconic that in 2002, during Japan's World Cup and Korea, she graced the credit cards issued worldwide by one of FIFA's sponsors. And in 2006 turned giant billboards in Berlin as a means of dissemination of the German Cup.
The most famous photos of Alberto Ferreira: Pele a perfect bike
(Photo: Alberto Ferreira)
Over all this, the son Carlos Ferreira speaks thrilled:
- When I was in Maracanã, my father watched the game through the viewfinder of your camera. That day were more than 100 photographers, but he was the one who got that magnificent moment. For him, photography was an art - describes.
For a few moments later, in tone and more relaxed, talking with a laugh:
- Thank God he took three chickens and turned photographer. One of the best in Brazil. Author of one of the most famous photos ever produced by a Brazilian.
In addition to Pele, Alberto also photographed the likes of Garrincha, the Botafogo genius of leggy, immortalizing the exact moment of a goal rush for Botafogo. It was in 1961, against America, the Campeonato Carioca.

Garrincha, still stuck between networks, just when a Botafogo goal against America in 1961
(Photo: Alberto Ferreira)
Alberto was so complete, that even came down to the sport and is also the owner of one of the largest collections of the construction of Brasilia, in the 1960s.
The shows in Sydney
The exhibition 'Beyond the Bike' was set up in the House of João Pessoa of Visual Arts and is a set of 10 photographs of Alberto Ferreira that was gathered by his son Carlos Ferreira.
Of these, four are football. The idea is to show the child "photo icon" of the father, who is Pele goal, but show that his career was well beyond that. The idea also, as he said, is to make the best known father in Paraíba.
The exhibition was launched on Thursday, the day that launched the "Paraibana Photography Magazine", a publication produced with the aim of bringing together the work of leading photographers Paraíba.
Goal of Pele for Santos portrayed by Paraiba photographer (Photo: Alberto Ferreira)
Source: Globe Sport - PB

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